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Click here to view the flyer. Tyngsborough and Pepperell are encouraging residents to harvest and save rainwater by offering 40% off the retail of a price Great American Rain Barrel. REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD PURCHASE A RAIN BARREL

  • Save approximately $200 in annual water bills with a 60-gallon rain barrel.
  • Help stressed trees and gardens during dry spells. In 2016, 48% of towns in MA had water bans.
  • Rainwater has no chemicals, chlorine or fluoride – great for plants and lawn.
  • One rain barrel can pay for itself in one season.
  • You can help towns manage water supplies and storm water runoff.


  • 100% re-purposed rain barrels produced in Massachusetts.
  • Most durable rain barrels on the market: 3/16” wall thickness.
  • Last for years when properly drained & stored for winter.
  • Screen filtered to keep mosquitoes out.
  • Several rain barrels can be linked together — easy 5-minute setup
  • Available Colors: Forest Green, Earth Brown, and Nantucket Grey. Also available unpainted.

Discount Price for Town Residents: $ 69 price (40% Off Retail) How to Order and select your town or call (800)251-2352 Pick-Up: Saturday, April 6th 10:00am-12 noon during the Tyngsboro Health Fair at the Tyngsboro Elementary School 205 Westford Rd Tyngsboro, MA 01879. Deadline: March 31st, Midnight