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Agricultural Commission

About the Agricultural Commission

Consisting of five members appointed by the Board of Selectmen for three-year terms, the commission encourages the pursuit of agriculture in the Town of Tyngsborough, promotes agricultural-based economic opportunities, facilitates the preservation of agricultural land, and acts as facilitators, advocates, educators and negotiators on agricultural-related issues.

Name Term
Brian Conant 2022
Corliss H. Lambert 2022
Mike Gagnon 2021
Ellen Parlee 2021
Rick Reault 2020

Additional Resources

Board of Assessors*

Board of Health*

Health Department

The Tyngsborough Board of Health
Name Term Expires
Sheila Perrault, Chair 2020
Bernadette Harper, Vice Chair 2021
Carolyn Rae Ryan 2020
Jonathan D. Reeney 2021
Michelle Riley 2019

Board of Library Trustees*

Tyngsborough Public Library’s Website

The Tyngsborough Public Library Board of Trustees is a six-member elected board. The Board organizes in May of each year by choosing from its own membership a chairman, vice-chairman, and secretary. The Board oversees the management and finances of the library, and is the policy-making authority for the library.

Trustees’ meetings are held monthly, near the main circulation desk in the Library, usually on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:45 p.m.

A notice of each Trustees’ meetings is posted at Town Hall and listed on the Library’s Events Calendar.

All Trustees’ meetings are open to the public.


Name Term Expires
Ann Conant, Chair 2020
Julie Iatron, Vice Chair 2022
Paula Flaherty, Secretary 2021
Joseph Delgaudio 2020
Elaine Plettman 2021
Michael Barton 2022

Board of Registrars

Board of Registrars

Name Term Expires
Colleen J. Gabriel 2020
Grace Ann Steed 2021
Therese Gay 2021

Board of Selectmen*

Visit the Administration page for more information about the Board of Selectmen.

Capital Asset Management Committee

Cemetery Commission*

The Cemetery Commission membership consists of:

Member Name Term Length Expires
Warren Algrove 3 years 2020
Dan Laforge 3 years 2021

To purchase a cemetery plot or apply for a burial permit please contact Bob Pelletier at 978-835-5244.

To make a payment for a cemetery plot or to review a database of cemetery records, please contact the office of the Town Clerk:

Office Hours:
Monday – Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Fridays 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Joanne Shifres, Town Clerk
978-649-2300 x 129

Nancy Johnson, Assistant Town Clerk
978-649-2300 x 130

Citizens' Taxation Aid Committee

The Citizens’ Taxation Aid Committee is responsible for reviewing and making determinations on all applications for Tax Relief by residents of Tyngsborough. The Committee is made up of representatives from the Tax Collector’s Office, the Board of Assessors, the Housing Authority, and citizens at large. The Committee meets twice a year to review these applications. Applications are due by April 1 for their first meeting of the year or October 1 for the second meeting of the year. Questions about how to apply should be directed to the Assessor’s Office. The application for tax relief can be found below.


Name Term Expires
Jennifer Wilson 2020
Jennifer Finnigan 2020
Ann Marie Conant 2020
Pauline S. Knight 2022
Richard J. Deleo, Jr. 2021

Commission on Disability

Community Preservation Committee

About the CPC:

The Community Preservation Act requires the town to create a Community Preservation Committee, consisting of members representing town committees.

This committee reviews projects that are seeking CPA dollars and determines how the money will be spent.  In addition the committee will present a report to the Town Meeting at least once a year to explain what projects are being considered, what criteria were used to pick the funded projects, and which projects will ultimately be funded.

The money must be divided among projects having to do with open space, affordable housing and historic preservation.  At least 10% of the money must be spent on each of those types of projects, and the balance is spent per the determination of the Community Preservation Committee.

Community Preservation Committee
Name Term Appointed By:
Billy Crawford  2021 Finance Committee
Warren W. Allgrove, Jr.  2020 Historical Commission
Guy Dennomee  2019 Citizen-At-Large
Kimberly O’Brien  2021 Planning Board
John Pelletier  2019 Housing Authority
Joelyn Riley  2019 Citizen-At-Large
Edward Smith  2020 Conservation Commission
Kenneth Times III  2021 Citizen-At-Large
Scott Ellis  2021 Recreation Committee

How to get involved:

The first way to get involved is attend the CPC Meetings and Public Hearings as well as Annual and Special Town Meetings. The CPC meets on the last Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the Town Hall Community Meeting Room.

The Community Preservation Committee can be reached by leaving a message with the Board of Selectmen’s Office at (978) 649-2300 x 100.

Community Preservation Resources:


Conservation Commission

Council on Aging

Cultural Council

Cultural Council


Name Term Expires
Barbara Monleon 2022
Linda Gilbride 2021
Patricia McLaughlin 2022
Rachel DeCarteret 2021
Tammy Adams 2020

Emergency Preparedness Committee

Finance Committee*

Historical Commission

Master Planning Committee

Planning Board*

Recreation & Parks Commission

Sewer Commission*

Sustainability Committee

Town Education Fund Committee

Town Education Fund Committee


Name Term Expires
Diana Keohane 2020
Diane Seltz 2020
Jennifer Finnigan 2020
Michael Flanagan 2020
Nancy Christie 2020

Trust Fund Committee

Trust Fund Committee


Name Term Expires
Barbara Roche 2020
Christopher Dery 2020
Jennifer Finnigan 2020
Matthew Hanson 2020
Richard Howe 2020

Tyngsborough Housing Authority*

Zoning Board of Appeals

Board/Committee Vacancies

  • None at this time