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The Board of Selectmen are the chief municipal officers of the Town. The Town Administrator is appointed by the Board of Selectmen to oversee the daily operations of the Town, advise and administer the policies and procedures of the Board, and enforce Town by-laws and actions passed at Town Meeting.



The primary function of the Board of Assessors is to value all Real Estate and Personal Property within the Town of Tyngsborough.

Financial Departments


Budgeting, Tax Rate Setting, Year End Financial Reports, Expenditure Controls, and Revenue Reporting.


The Town Collector’s Office is responsible for the collection of all assessed taxes and charges in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws.


Payroll, Cash Management, Borrowing, Investments, Trust Fund Custodian, Tax Title Administration.

Human Resources

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department assists employees and retirees with benefits information and handles recruitment efforts.



Road Maintenance; Winter Operations; Street Signs; Traffic Signs. Street opening permits are issued through the Highway Department.

Information Technology

Information Technology

The Information Technology Department manages the website and handles all technology matters for the Town offices, Police, Fire, EMS, Council on Aging and Highway departments.

Inspectional Services


The Building Department is responsible for the review, inspection and permitting for new construction and/or alterations to any structures within the Town.


Conservation Commissions are established under the provisions of the Massachusetts Conservation Commission Act (Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40, Section 8C) for the “promotion and development of the natural resources and for the protection of watershed resources” of the Town.


The Board of Health develops and maintains innovative programs to safeguard and improve the general health of the citizens of the Town.  Responsibilities include developing and promoting disease prevention and wellness programs as well as improving health education and environmental awareness.


The Planning Board plays a major role with town development. They will will assist you with interpretations and review your plan with the Zoning Enforcement Officer to determine compliance.

Sewer Commission

Sewer Fees, Permits, Applications, and Regulations.


The Zoning Board of Appeals purpose is to hear and decide appeals from an adverse decision of the Building Inspector or any Town Board, to make determinations in Flood Hazard Districts, to hear and decide petitions for variances, and to issue comprehensive permits under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40B.

Media & TV

Tyngsborough TV

Tyngsborough TV handles the town’s cable access broadcast and digital platforms.

Public Safety


The Tyngsborough Fire Department provides a  range of programs designed to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Tyngsborough, from the adverse effects of Fire, Sudden Medical, or Exposure to Dangerous Conditions either natural or man made.


The Tyngsborough Police Department enforces the laws of society, maintain order within the community, protect life and property, and to assist the public at large in a manner consistent with the rights and dignity of all persons as provided for by the law under the Constitution of the United States and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Recreation & Parks

Recreation and Parks

The Tyngsborough Recreation & Parks Department is dedicated to the advancement of the town Parks and Recreation programs in an effort to enhance the quality of life for all people. The department strives to provide a variety of quality, self-supporting recreational and leisure programs for all ages of people in the Town.

Town Clerk


Elections, Voter Registration, Census, Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage), Marriage Licenses, Business Certificates, Dog Licenses, Fishing/Hunting Licenses.

Veterans' Services

Veterans’ Services

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has the most comprehensive veterans’ services program of any state in the nation.

Water Districts

Water Districts

Tyngsborough is home to three water districts  It is pumped from a range of sources, treated, and sent to homes, businesses and  schools.

Town Directory

Department Location Phone Extension
Administration | Selectmen Town Offices – 25 Bryant Ln 978-649-2314
Accountant Town Offices – 25 Bryant Ln 978-649-2300 123
Animal Control Police Station – 20 Westford Rd 978-692-4574
Assessors Town Offices – 25 Bryant Ln 978-649-2300 121
Building Town Offices – 25 Bryant Ln 978-649-2300 112
Clerk Town Offices – 25 Bryant Ln 978-649-2300 129
Conservation Town Offices – 25 Bryant Ln 978-649-2300 119
Collector Town Offices – 25 Bryant Ln 978-649-2300 128
Council on Aging Senior Center – 169 Westford Rd 978-649-9211
Elementary School 205 Westford Rd 978-649-1990
Fire (Non-Emergency) 20 Kendall Rd 978-649-7671
Health Town Offices – 25 Bryant Ln 978-649-2300 118
Highway 89 Kendall Rd 978-649-2310
High School 36 Norris Rd 978-649-7571
Housing Authority 198 Middlesex Rd 978-649-9941
Information Technology Town Offices – 25 Bryant Ln 978-649-2300 140
Library Library – 25 Bryant Ln 978-649-7361
Media Department Town Offices – 25 Bryant Ln 978-649-2300 138
Middle School 50 Norris Rd 948-649-3115
Parks & Recreation Town Offices – 25 Bryant Ln 978-649-2300 150
Planning Board Town Offices – 25 Bryant Ln 978-649-2300 115
Police (Non-emergency) 20 Westford Rd 978-649-7504
Sewer Town Offices – 25 Bryant Ln 978-649-2300 134
Sewer Emergency Town Offices – 25 Bryant Ln 978-815-6293
School District Office 50 Norris Rd 978-649-7488
Treasurer Town Offices – 25 Bryant Ln 978-649-2300 125
Veteran’s Agent Town Offices – 25 Bryant Ln 978-649-2300 131
Zoning Town Offices – 25 Bryant Ln 978-649-2300 115
Tyngsborough Water District 89 Progress Ave #2 978-649-4577
Dracut Water Supply District 59 Hopkins St, Dracut 978-957-0441
North Chelmsford Water District 64 Washington St, Chelmsford 978-251-3931

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